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Alkemi Universal Mesh Prep


Alkemi Universal Mesh Prep One-step mesh degreaser and wetting agent for even absorption of capillary film.
Unlike conventional detergent degreasers, Autotype Universal Mesh Prep contains a wetting agent that enables screen fabrics to hold an even sheet of water over the entire surface, with no patchy areas or rivulets running down the screen. Mesh is completely degreased and prepped for the best quality stencil application.
This product is especially effective when using capillary films, as it ensures an even layer of water on the print side of the mesh during film application. It also promotes amore even application of direct emulsions.
Brush Autotype Universal Mesh Prep into both sides of a wet screen, allow to sit for one minute, and rinse thoroughly. Apply capillary films immediately after rinsing. Dry screens completely prior to applying direct emulsion.
5 Lts. 20 Lts. 200 Lts.
Clave de Producto
Excelentes características de humectación que permiten a la malla para sostener una película uniforme de agua, aplicación conveniente a través de botella de compresión, no peligroso y biodegradable.
• Garantiza resultados perfectos cuando se utiliza antes del montaje de películas capilares. Reducción de los «ojos de pez» y rayas cuando se utiliza antes del recubrimiento de emulsiones directas.

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